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Bunnings Group, trading as Bunnings Warehouse, is an Australian household hardware chain. The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994, and has stores in Australia and New Zealand. Bunnings was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1886, by two brothers who had immigrated from England.

A former employee mentioned, "They hired 200 staff to set up the new Bunnings in Cairns giving me full time hours for 2 months and once the store was set up they stopped giving majority of the people that they hired shifts. Not good."


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Front service desk (Former Employee) says

"Management are only looking for sheep. They have no work/ home balance as they state. Favouritism runs rampage thru this company. In house bulling is a big issue that they have"

Bunnings (Former Employee) says

"Its been nearly 1 whole month with still No pay.physical Ird/bank account/birth cert means nothing because an online form you get told to fill out 3 weeks after your start date that you must fill in the blanks with the physical details you sent them 3 weeks before also means nothing.they tell you to fill out an online form with your details 3 weeks after you've already done the work with no pay which features you guessed it the ird number bank account number that you already gave them on the first day 3 weeks ago. for some reason Australia pays new Zealand workers, at least that's what they told me. no hate on Australia. just frustrating when you work for no pay for nearly a whole month, when you have 5 kids to feed. they also use the ND tax code that takes 45% off.no matter what tax code you give them. they also rush you to fill out the online portion 3 weeks after start date saying if you don't in time you won't get paid.even though they have your details already on day one. today is 3 more days then its been a month with no pay. not in any way professional at all.Nothing.No pay. idiots that dont know how to pay people."

Team Member - Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"they promise you the world but cannot even give you advancement opportunities and are unwilling to support any career choices. 8n positions I have applied for whilst working there and have not even received any feedback on why I have been unsuccessful despite countless times asking so I can improve myself.a wageeverything else"

Floor Staff (Former Employee) says

"They hired 200 staff to set up the new Bunnings in Cairns giving me full time hours for 2 months and once the store was set up they stopped giving majority of the people that they hired shifts. Not good.NothingDidn’t look after their staff"

Front End Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Management are disgraceful Was threatened on many occasions Worked stupid hours Made to feel intimidated No recognition for hard work Missed my holiday for them! Absolutely shocking I can’t really find the words just disgracefulNoneRude management"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I took a job there in admin. Very positive during the pre opening . Hard work but enjoyed it. Was told serval times. Then openedstore and within 2 days 12 staff let go. All promises didnt happen. Im not even be harsh really really poor management. Stay away at all costs I worked in several places over last 20 years and been nothing but praised. Went to bunnings it all changedUniformEverthing else"

Staff (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. No training given, the management is bad constantly putting you down and never listen to you. It seems like the management try to bullie you and laugh at you. WORST JOB EVERNonTreated very bad"

work experience (Former Employee) says

"great place to work and keep busy so the days go fast learned new names of tools and there purposes pushing trolleys around talking to customer's friendly team member's The negative side dealing with rude customersunpaid work experience"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"The team here are really under appreciated. The top management use bullying tactics and threats of your job if you disagree with anything they say. The job itself is ok, general retail work. Bunnings bank of hours policy is a con, dont fall for it."

Stocktake Worker (Former Employee) says

"how many reviews do i have to complete? i did this volunteering when i was still at school, gave me a good look at the store while i was performing a stock take"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If I could give working here 0 stars I would. I spent nearly 10 years here and you would expect that I would receive some loyalty or at least if I asked for a contract every year, I would actually get one. Nope. Instead they hired new people, were unable to give them hours, so cut them loose. I even got yelled at by the manager and assistant manager for asking for a contract."

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you didn't click with the management themselves, then you wouldn't get anywhere and in fact, often times, got thrown into the mincer. They showed little to no compassion for those around you, little to no care for your well being and often times tried to sweet things under the rug."

Cashier/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Putting away stock. I have learnt a lot about different garden products. The hardest part of the job is getting shifts on a regular basis. The team members are great to work with.Fun people to work withLong hours, not great management"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management is appalling, they have no structure what so ever. Love to keep people on a probation period so they are able to sack people whenever they want. They try to make you do overtime which is never paid. Management don't consider their deliveries as a main priority and hardly get them out in time. I would never order a kitchen from Bunnings as you would be waiting months for it to ever be delivered and would be very surprised if you got the whole order. I you ever manage to work your way up to a team leader they expect you to work ridiculous hours and not be paid. Basically would never work for this company again, as rubbish as Homebase was, Bunnings has poor management and put to much pressure on their staff as they like to bark orders but not actually do anything themselves.alright paylong hours, large workload, not enough support"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Started at 7am. Finished at 4pm. Cleaned whilst I had no customers but overall I was on the registers serving customers. I gained extensive knowledge about plants,insecticides,and everything the store carried. I made sure I knew where everything was by making up my own map by walking around in my own time. Upper management was amazing but the floor manager was very rude . My co-workers were amazing and I enjoyed working with them.There was no hard part to the job. I loved working with the public and seeing return customers.nonenone"

Customer support (Former Employee) says

"Perhaps it depends on the store?No time allowed off over summer school holidays at Rosebud Bunnings,ever.Busy store over xmas holidays and always short staffed.Many great team members given impossible hours to fill and then your fired.Bank of hours for overtime or extra shifts so you will be ripped off.Ripped of on super payments.Management cares about those above only."

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Bunnings was an absolutely awful company to work for. While the pay does sound decent at first compared to some other retail jobs, you soon realise that management will use that as an excuse to treat you like trash and expect you to do more work than is literally possible in the time frame given. You’re also expected to do work that should be done by managers and team leaders whist on a shop assistant wage. Morale in the store was incredibly low and so many people left in such a short time all because of the way staff were treated. There was such a bullying culture from management even if you were just in the middle of your shift the store manager might just casually threaten the security of your job for whatever reason they’d come up with. On occasion I was shouted at for things that didn’t even happen. Sometimes you’d be called into the office or sometimes they’d just rip into you in front of customers. No matter how hard you work they’d always find something to have a go at you about. Honestly the managers were the worst people I’ve ever met and I don’t know how they expect anyone to want to work when they treat people like that. They’re just power hungry bullies who barely do any work and don’t deserve the jobs they have. They want you to respect them whilst treating everyone like dirt, except of course fellow managers. I was also underpayed a couple of times and had to chase it up. There were almost no perks to the job. Yes there was the standard store discount but it wasn’t a set percentage it was up to 20% depending on the product. There was no extra pay forNice colleaguesBullying, underpayed, rubbish benefits, lack of overtime"

loader (Former Employee) says

"the culture is very in crowd ,most team members two faced back stabbers.Management uses threats and intimidation. Only a handful of the team trustworthy to work with. Very stressful environment [beer in staff fridge for after work]. Most staff only working for pay cheque, and the only enjoyable part was going home.nilstressful"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I had the misfortune of being employed for the opening of a new store in Coffs Harbour. When in group interviews and orientations, management couldn't be friendlier, but that disappears once you start working. After so much training on safety, I was shocked to be refused a pair of safety gloves for cleaning up timber with exposed nails during the store set up. I was sworn at more than once by my co-ordinator and constantly harassed and bullied and my roster would change literally overnight, no phone call, just altered on the online roster. meaning I was away on 2 days off, and had to come straight home for a 3 hour shift. In the third week a customer asked if we had any more of a certain product or when we would. My Co-ordinator told me "I dunno, ask someone else". I did, and was told it would be ordered but we don't give any ETA. I was embarrassed and felt sorry for the customer. We were also told at induction we'd be employed as casuals at $26ph, but then were individually asked to sign temporary contracts for set hours at $21ph. If these were not signed there'd be no guaranteed work at all. After this 8 week period I was offered a permanent 20 hour contract at $21ph, I declined and was told I couldn't expect any shifts. After I resigned I went back to get a separation certificate and was told they'd put it in the mail. I'm still waiting after 3 months. To be fair, a lot of this negativity had to do with 1 co-ordinator. I'm sure some stores are run much more professionally and respectfully.Sausage sandwich occasionallyWitnessing junior workers get spoken to aggressively, misleading culture and conditions, fear instilled into staff, absolute disrespect for team members by management"

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The team at Grafton NSW Bunnings store are amazing. They go above and beyond wherever they can with the restrictions placed on them by management. If you EVER receive poor customer service at Grafton Bunnings it would be something management has implemented. The restrictions and conditions management place on their team members are ridiculous. To the Coordinators at Grafton Bunnings it's all about the bonuses they get for saving on wages and NEVER about their poor staff. They sit in their airconditioned offices whilst their staff melts in 40+ degree heat all whilst watching the staff from windows or on CCTV. I have never seen another Bunnings operated like this one. Grafton is a dictatorship and their staff is underappreciated."

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